In the August 2009 issue:

  • Cover photo “Broadway to Hollywood” courtesy of AB – Sandy O’Hara photo courtesy of D&S Productions
  • Editor’s Note – Things To Do During A Recession
  • Midway Stars – A look back at burlesque shows and their stars during the heyday of the business.
  • Do You Remember – The Caterpillar ride was one of the major rides of its time.
  • Meet Our Contributors – Dennis Gilli gave up his teaching career to become a show painter.
  • Gillette Shows has been in business for 62 years.
  • Myers Re-racks his Fajume Wacky Worm
  • Midway Personality – Butch Netterfield.
  • Tip Top Shows Experiences Rain at Santa Rosa Fair.
  • Kevin Exum of Century 21 Shows.
  • The conclusion of the series on Deggeller Attractions.
  • Looking to buy, looking to sell, be sure to check out the Classified Ads
  • Plus our standard monthly features: Midway Talk, Do You Remember, Now Booking, Concession Stands, Direct from the Lots and Marketplace for Showmen