In the June 2007 issue:

  • Who will be where when? Check out the annual CARNIVAL Route Listings for over 50 carnivals traveling to fairs, festivals and a variety of events across North America during the 2007 season. This handy resource is a must-keep reference.
  • Twentieth Century Independent Midways fielded the rides, games and concessions at the 2007 George Washington Birthday Celebration in Laredo, Texas. A number of carnivals booked a variety of rides and attractions at this long-standing event.
  • One of the attractions many fairgoers recall on a midway was the Monkey Circus and is successor, the Monkey Speedway. The Speedway featured live monkeys racing around a circular track, in a manner similar to that of todays racing pigs, except the monkeys rode in simulated racecars.
  • Virginia-based Cole Shows Amusement Company has picked up one of the dates vacated by the now out-of-business All American Shows. The carnival has also successfully featured its Majestic Catch’n Air on the midway.
  • Do You Remember spotlights a tandem kiddie ride piece from Childress Manufacturing that was introduced at the Gibtown Trade Show in 1981.
  • The History of Train Shows follows Imperial Exposition through the 1940s and its last abbreviated season and through to its auction in 1951.
  • Time to swing those golf clubs. The annual Bruce Sellner Memorial Golf Tournament is coming up and sponsorships and application forms are available.
  • A Christmas celebration in Edinburgh, Scotland, has the markings of many American festivals, with a variety of activities, including carnival rides.
  • Route Snapshots takes a look at Inland Empire Shows at the Carson City Fun Fair in Carson City, Nevada.
  • The Pack Your Bags section provides a list of a number of state and industry-related events.
  • The Now Booking for 2007 section provides the opportunity to check out the carnivals and concessions that may be available for booking your event.
  • Check out the Carnival Exchange section that lists carnivals that need route help and have booking opportunities for rides and concessions
  • Looking to buy, looking to sell, be sure to check out the Classified Ads
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Life's Flow.
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