September 1999

In the September 1999 issue:

  • Strates Shows in 1999, a train loading list from 1967; and follow up on the 1998 New York State Fair, and the 1999 Meadowlands Fair. A sidebar provides a brief history of the North Carolina State Fair.
  • Penn Premier Shows -- part II - follows a history of the show after the premature passing of show founder Lloyd Serfass.
  • Update on the Amusement Industry Expo in Cleveland, Ohio in October
  • Announcement of the purchase of the former Stine Amusements by veteran showman Billy Clark. The new show has been named Smoky Mountain Amusements.
  • Ed Vest, ride foreman with Bates Amusements, Inc. is showcased in Midway Personality
  • Do You Remember features Theel Manufacturing's Beetle ride
  • Perry Clauss continues with the construction of the Huss Top Spin
  • Plus, photos of midway personalities, news from the midway, information from manufacturers and suppliers and a special memory from veteran showman Billy Burr on Royal American Shows.

October 1999

In the October 1999 issue:

  • Ray Cammack Shows - The golden state, California,  has been golden for this carnival in 1999.  Review of the Orange County Fair and the Del Mar Fair, along with color photographs of the midway.
  • Wade Shows - The Delaware State Fair was a first for this show in 1999; see what was offered in this debut
  • Remembering a ride from the past,  the Spindle comes to life again.
  • The history of Penn Premier Shows continues with this third installment.
  • A special expanded section of Manufacturer's Showcase features many of the exhibitors who will be at the Amusement Industry Expo in Cleveland in October.  See who will be introducing what.  This special section is designed to be taken along with you to the show to make your browsing and shopping easier.

December 1999

In the December 1999 issue:

  • Part I of a history of Train Shows in the country, featuring the Johnny J. Jones Shows.
  • An overview of the recent Amusement Industry Expo in Cleveland, including comments by some of the exhibitors.
  • An interview with Gary Otterbacher, president of O.M.I. Industries, formerly Otterbacher Manufacturing
  • Manufacturer's Showcase spotlights Chance Industries new SlingShot ride
  • A profile of a great carnival attraction, Elephant Encounter, that stars one Asian and two African elephants.
  • Midway Personality targets Robbie Moegerle, a young man born into the business.
  • Plus an extensive insert on carnival modeling with photographs of the efforts of many contributors and articles that also detail construction of a variety of pieces.


November 1999

In the November 1999 issue:

  • The fourth and last installment of the history of Penn Premier Shows, featuring Lloyd Serfass and LAM Enterprises,    includes a sidebar that profiles show artist Dennis Gilli.
  • J&J Amusements in central Pennsylvania
  • Carol Stream Amusements handles a mall date in Maryland
  • Kissel Rides chosen #1 in Alabama
  • Family first on Earl's Rides
  • Midway Personality -- teamwork + success for the DeBunos on butler midway
  • Effects of Hurricane Floyd on fairs and carnivals in eastern North Carolina
  • Plus Midway Talk, Manufacturer's Showcase, Modeler's Corner, Modeling with Perry Clauss and Do You Remember - a one of a kind ride --the Galactica