January 2000

  • Power's Great American Midways finishes 1999 on happy note
  • Poor Jack going for the millennium
  • History of Train Shows, an overview of a past mode of transportation in the United States for many carnivals. (Part II)
  • Gold Rush Stage Coaches - are there any more left?
  • Tigers on the midway -- a new attraction available for fairs
  • Plus much more, including Midway Personality, Midway Talk and Manufacturer's Showcase.



February 2000

  • The February issue of CAROUSEL is packed with articles about state fairs and carnivals, including the Minnesota State Fair and its independent midway; the Vermont State Fair and the Silver Dollar midway; the Wisconsin State Fair and the Murphy Bros. Exposition midway; the Arkansas State Fair and the Deggeller midway and the New York State Fair and the Strates Shows midway.
  • The History of Train Shows --part III
  • Midway Personality, Charles & Patty Randall
  • Do You Remember? -- the Venture Himalaya
  • Plus Manufacturer's Showcase, Midway Talk, and much more
  • *** There will be a special expanded version of Manufacturer's Showcase, a take-out insert featuring many of the exhibitors that will be participating in the IISF Trade Show in Gibtown, focusing on many of the new products and services available to the outdoor amusement industry.
  • Below are some sample Photos from the February 2000 Issue of Carousel Magazine.  Click on any of the Thumbnail images to see the full size picture

Sunday evening crowds on Strates Shows midway at NY State Fair 1999. Magnum, on Independent Midway at 1999 Minn. State Fair. Re-Mix on Independent Midway at 1999 Minn. State Fair Fire Ball on Independent Midway at 1999 Minn. State Fair Bonzai on Amusements of America at 1999 Ohio State Fair

All between the covers of CAROUSEL magazine.

March 2000

  • The March issue of CAROUSEL will offer a profile of Amusements of Buffalo, a young show that has shown strong growth and potential.
  • In addition Midway Personality will feature Part I of a biography of veteran showman Ward Hall.
  • Fair association meetings have been taking place all over the country in anticipation of another outstanding year and New York and North Carolina's meetings are highlighted.
  • The IISF Trade Show in Gibtown was real Extravaganza, find out what is new for the industry in products and services.
  • Part IV of the History of Train Shows targets a dwindling segment of the outdoor amusement industry.
  • Plus much more, including an article on Dakota Enterprises, a new generation in the business

* Midway Talk
* Manufacturer's Showcase
* Do You Remember 
* Modeler's Corner

April 2000

  • Butler Amusements had a successful run at the Riverside County (Cal.) Fair and Indio National Date Festival.  What new pieces did they bring there?
  • Many new rides and attractions debuted at the 2000 Florida State Fair this yea, some of which debuted at hte Gibtown Trade Show.
  • The History of Train Shows continues with part V
  • Seventeen carnivals participated in the Kentucky Fair Association meeting this year. Who were they?
  • A review of what was new at the IISF Trade Show
  • Do you remember the Allen Herschell Moon Rocket?
  • The second and final part of a profile of veteran showman Ward Hall
  • A progress report on the IISA Museum in Gibsonton, Florida
  • Plus Manufacturer's Showcase, Midway Talk and Modeler's Corner, Direct From the Lots, and more


May 2000


  • Part I of an overview of the history of the Pugh Shows and Crown Amusements and their recent merger.
  • Skinner Amusements is a family-owned midwest show that has had five generations involved in the amusement industry.
  • Midway Personality provides a profile of industry leader Sam Johnston.
  • In addition, there are articles on Terry's Rides and Crabtree Amusements.
  • At the Big Fresno Fair in California the fire department provides an unusual community program.
  • Shaw & Sons is forging ahead into the 2000 season  and progress continues on the IISA Museum n Florida.
  • Also, the History of Train Shows continues with Part VI and takes the train show into the 1950s.
  • Other articles include Do You Remember?, Midway Talk , Direct From the Lots, Manufacturer's Showcase and Modeler's Corner.

June 2000

  • To help make that leap into the age of technology, a comprehensive carnival and industry manufacturers and suppliers website and e-mail directory has been compiled and printed.
  • Conklin Shows brought "Fear" to the Canadian National Exhibition and thrilled the crowds as well.
  • Part II of the merger between Pugh Shows and Crown Amusements has worked to the advantage of the former competitors.
  • Part 7 of the History of Train Shows traces Buck Model Shows through the 1950s.
  • From game concessionaire to show owner by saying "I do", Midway Personality profiles Chuck Walkup of Let's Play Shows.
  • Do you remember the Telstar, a one-of-a-kind ride.
  • Other features include Murphy Bros. inaugurating the new year in Miami; Bluegrass Shows loves strawberries and A&P sparkles on the Fourth of July.
  • Who am I?  This industry mover and shaker is a  man with ambition and a solid foundation.
  • Other June articles include Direct From the Lots, Manufacturer's Showcase, Midway Talk and more.

July 2000

  • In the July issue of CAROUSEL will be a special pullout insert of route listings of 40 of the finest carnivals on the continent.  Make sure to check it out and pull it out for future reference
  • In addition to the route listings some of the articles in CAROUSEL include two fairs played by Gillette Shows. The History of Train Shows continues with Part VIII and the conclusion of the history of Pugh Shows and Crown Amusements is also on tap.
  • There is a profile of independent ride operators the Bullis family and their crew; and an article that offers an overview of websites and the outdoor amusement industry.
  • Regular features such as Do You Remember?; Industry Movers and Shakers: then and now; Direct From the Lots; Midway Talk; and Manufacturer's Showcase help round out the issue.

August 2000

  • County fairs a mainstay for Durant Enterprises of Ohio.
    Murphy Bros. Expositions benefits from a variety of professional relationships.
  • Midway personality profiles Leonard Martin  and 20th Century Independent Midways.
  • The History of Train Shows examines O.C. Buck and his Model Train Shows  and his return to truck transportation; and "Captain" John Sheesley and his role in the outdoor amusement industry.
  • Wade Shows proves to be big enough to handle the state of Texas.
  • Snyder & Metts bring in the new millennium.
  • The seminar schedule for the Amusement Industry Expo in Cleveland in October.
  • A special poem dedicated to all carnival folk.
  • Do You Remember the Mangels' Kiddie Fire Engine ride? Plus Manufacturer's Showcase, Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, Carnival Modeling, Who am I?, Contributor's Profile and much more!


September 2000

  • A profile of the 42-year old Swyear Amusements and their run at the Henry County Fair
    Michael's Amusements has added an Expo Wheel to their ride lineup and changed a few of         their dates.
  • The Liebel Family Circus continues a tradition in the U.S.
  • Smokey Mountain Amusements is in its first full season under the new owner. 
  • Drew Expo's Bo Brown didn't cry over spilled milk.
  • Independent concessionaires from Texas, RJC Concessions, make family time a priority.
  • Do You  Remember the Turn Tyke.
  • Clowning around with CAROUSEL contributor Jim Withrow.
  • Conclusion to Murphy Bros. relationships  and the St. Lucie (Fla.) County Fair.
  • History of Train Shows (Part X) follows the demise of several carnivals and several major circuses in the 1960s.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase puts the spotlight on Classic Carts, Gold Medal and Chance Rides
  • Plus Midway talk, Direct from the lots, and much more

October 2000

The October issue of CAROUSEL will be an expanded issue., with 44 informative and entertaining pages, PLUS, a 12 page special insert featuring exhibitors at the Amusement Industry Expo.

  • Belle City Amusements Power Surges into the new millennium with a powerful new ride
    Amusements of America has a new mobile facility for the show's school
  • Casey's Rides finds it more profitable and easier to setup at events of shorter duration
  • Davis Enterprises offers a wide range of rides at local county fairs.
  • The Orange County (California) Fair and Ray Cammack Shows have a squeezin' good relationship
  • Fire has again struck Strates Shows' train in New  York
  • The Vegas Chase was a creation by ride innovator Walter House
  • Mike Williams brings Farrow Shows for a successful run at the Indiana State Fair.
  • Cleveland County (N.C.) Fair finds diversification during off-season is key
  • Carnival superstitions and traditions maintain a life of their own.  Who has the key to the midway?
  • Luehrs' Spectacular Attractions is more than just spectaculars.
  • The History of Train shows follows Roland page into the 1970s
  • A profile of CAROUSEL contributor Dan Zapata
  • Plus Midway talk, Who am I?. Direct from the Lots, Modeler's Corner, Classified Ads, and more.


November 2000

  • The Mighty Blue Grass Shows takes on Iowa State Fair and the  Heart of Illinois Fair in its quest for a profitable season
  • Despite some recent problems, Cumberland Valley Shows, relying on its next generation, takes on the 2000 season and finds many pluses
  • The outdoor amusement industry mourns the passing of Billy Baxter, Cumberland Valley Shows co-founder
  • A profile of Bob Gill, general manager for Farrow Shows, is also a ride inspector and consultant on the go
  • Amusements of America plays the Ohio State Fair with flair
  • Smokey's Greater Shows added a new date in New York and they, in turn, responded well to show
  • Do You Remember the Kiddie Kombo from Elli Bridge? It was two rides in one and the only unit available is on Cumberland Valley Shows' midway
  • Manufacturer's Showcase: features Stinson Organ Company; Gold Medal Products; and a new concept from Ride Development Co
  • Contributor profile: James Comenzo, he likes 'em big and small
  • History of Trains  part XII,   follows the Levys and  Metropolitan  Shows through the 1950s 
  • Veteran showman W.H. Doc Harden is making a come back to the carnival business. Find out what he's up to now!
  • The History of Train shows follows Roland page into the 1970s
  • Plus, Who am I? Industry Movers and Shakers, than and now; Direct From the Lots; Midway Talk and more


December 2000

  • The return of the Seattle Wheel to the Drew Expositions' midway after a multimillion dollar refurbishing. The piece joins a new office trailer and generator on the show.
  • A pictorial overview of the Sixth Amusement Industry Expo held in at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio. See some of the new rides and trailers that were on display at the show.
  • Fowler Concessions is a provider of games on the Blue Grass midway.
  • Their hometown is proud of those Deggeller boys, Don and Greg, who own and operate Deggeller Attractions. While providing the midway at many state fairs, the guys have a soft spot for their home county fair in Stuart, Florida.

    Myers International favors the colors of blue and gold for their units. This family-operated show does well under the guidance of a strong mother-son team.
  • Everything is as clear as glass for Wabash Valley Shows as they provide the midway at the Glass Festival in Indiana
  • In Part XIII of the History of Train Shows, follow the decline and ultimate demise of Metropolitan Shows.
    An expanded modeling section is offered in an insert that includes many unique and interesting ideas for carnival modeling. Innovative approaches from modelers across the country offer ideas on creating that perfect model carnival layout.
  • Also in the December issue, monthly features include:
    Midway Talk 
    Direct From the Lots
    Do You Remember
    Who Am I
    and much more!