December 2001

December, 2001

Articles included in the December 2001 issue:

  • Alamo Attractions provides the fun zone at the annual Shrimpfest at the University of Texas, San Antonio

  • Petting Zoos, animals and more: that is the life of Bob Commerford 

  • Swan song for Bearcreek Country Fair: the amusement park portion at resort goes under the auction gavel

  • Wallis Amusements, an English amusement company shares photos of a ride that has traveled all over the world

  • Midway personality: concessionaires Herman "Arky" Wood and his wife Bonnie Applegate; and "Tiny, a games concessionaire who works for Midwest Concessions. 

  • AIE 2001 Personalities - photos of industry leader participating in the Expo.

  • AIE 2001 activities - photo essay of business conducted at the Expo

  • AIMS Safety Seminar scheduled for January 2002 has 25 new classes

  • History of Train Shows XXV - Cetlin & Wilson has good times 

  • Do You remember Dizzy Ducks? A one-of- a-kind ride with an unusual history

  • Walk Down Memory lane - recent train loading of James E. Strates Shows train is reminiscent of the heyday of rail shows

  • Manufacturer's Showcase features: Waterloo Tent & Tarp announces promotions and staff additions; Bankshot Organization: non-aggressive family sports; Stealth Fabrication: a new company under the direction of Steve Darvalics formerly of Uni-Glide.

  • An expanded version of the Modeler's Corner offers tips and techniques for building a wide array of pieces suitable for a scale model carnival.
  • Also, monthly features including Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler's Corner and Classified Ads.

November 2001

November, 2001

Articles included in the November 2001 issue:

  • Funtastic Shows plays the King County Fair, the oldest fair in the state.
  • Texas-based Heart of America Shows  is another family-tradition show.  The show's route covers 12,000 miles, from Texas through Nebraska.
  • The History of Train Shows ( part XXIV)  features the growth of Cetlin and Wilson with the purchase of the North American Exposition equipment;  and a profile of Clifford Clarence "Specs" Groscurth.
  • The  Canadian show West Coast Amusements Ltd.,  was started during a time many years ago when animals were highlights of the show.  Follow Bingo Hauser and his wife, Jackie, as they travel across Canada and grow a carnival.
  • Do You remember the Grover C. Watkins' Heart Flip? Cars flipped in and out  and rotated "rhythmically" like many hearts on the midway!
  • Change is in the air in North Carolina as a result of the retirement of a long-time Commissioner of Agriculture and the election of a new team.  Up in the air is the contract for the 2002 state fair, and some insight into the selection process was offered by Bobby McLamb, the new Assistant Commissioner.
  • Deggeller Attractions offered a state fair quality midway at the Martin County (Florida) Fair.  One of the newer pieces to the Deggeller midway is the Flashback,  a technologically advanced version of the Whip.
  • Terry Portemont's All American Shows run pay-one-price all during their season.  No piece on the show is older than eight years old.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase features Gold Medal Products' Candee Fluff containers for cotton candy; and Gorham Fabrications' new Gravity Storm.
  • An editorial comment from Stephen Banks, Butler Amusements and the state of carnivals since September 11, and the continued need for them in the United States.
  • In addition to these interesting and informative articles, catch Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner and classified ads.
  • Coming in December, an expanded Modeler's Corner will offer new pieces being built on scale model midways and construction tips from carnival modelers.


October 2001

October, 2001

Articles included in the October 2001 issue:

  • Special guide to the Amusement Industry Expo in Cleveland, Ohio , including a list of exhibitors and the Expo layout, a schedule of daily events; descriptions of the informational seminars and an expanded edition of manufacturers showcase, highlighting some of the participating exhibitors
  • Rochester, New York, provided some new venues for Midway Rides of Utica
  • It was definitely time to "Twist and Shout" at the Orange County (California) Fair that offered acres of space for the Ray Cammack Shows' midway.
  • Taking advantage of the Florida sunshine, it was Hildeband's Midway of Fun creating their southern route.
  • Do you remember the Chance Manufacturing Rotor - it was like "Look ma no feet!"
  • Take a walk down memory lane with Guthrie Shows in 1975
  • Creating a fun atmosphere on the midway is T.J.Aho, show artist.
  • Newark, Ohio, will be celebrating its bicentennial next year and has a host of activities planned for the year long event.
  • They may not be bringing home the bacon, but they do come whee whee whee all the way home - it's the Hambone Express Pig Races
  • The History of Train Shows continues to chronicle the decline of the rail shows in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Also, monthly features including Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler's Corner and Classified Ads.

September 2001

September, 2001

Articles included in the September 2001 issue:

  • The 2001 Del Mar (California) Fair fielded an independent midway with three roller coasters. Next year, the fair with a long history and a contest for just about everything, will also sport a new name. Along with an overview of this year's fair are a lot layout and a listing of ride operators and game concessionaires.
  • Smokey Mountain Amusements brought in their Green Unit to Faith, North Carolina to help celebrate the 4th of July. The show also inked a contract extending its run there for another five years.

August 2001

August, 2001

Articles included in the August 2001 issue:


  • The Central Florida Fair in Orlando is still learning and growing. Wade Shows provided the midway again this year.
  • As the show brings in its third generation, Matt Armstrong Shows is proclaimed to be the Master of Fun.
  • Twentieth Century Independent Midways celebrates George Washington’s birthday in Laredo, Texas – an event that takes over the whole town and runs for several weeks.
  • The History of Trains (part XXI) discusses gilly shows and in particular Cetlin & Wilson shows from the late 1920s.
  • Midway Personality profiles John Gallant, Conklin Shows Guest Relations Manager.
  • Do You Remember Grover C. Watkins Motor Bike ride?
  • Manufacturer’s Showcase covers Sellner Manufacturing and a sweet tie-in to its Tilt-A-Whirl’ s 75th anniversary; the custom designed and manufactured concession trailers by Hitch-hiker Mfg.; and Gold Medal introduces its Super Floss Maxx to help keep up with the demand for cotton candy.
  • Take a walk down memory lane with Royal American Shows
  • Plus regular features including Midway Talk, Who am I?, Direct >From the Lots, Modeler’s Corner and Classified ads


July 2001

July, 2001

Articles included in the July 2001 issue:

  • Special insert featuring the route listings of over 35 of the country's finest carnivals.

  • Conklin Shows offers a triple threat -- or a triple treat -- with three portable roller coasters available on their midway.

  • One trailer Himalayas, Gravitrons, go-Gators, -- Wisdom Industries began many years ago as the offshoot of a Colorado carnival focusing on the concept of simpler ride setup and tear down. 

  • Management changes bring personnel into new positions and readies Wade Shows for continued growth and prosperity. 

  • With a combined outdoor amusement industry experience that spans almost a century, Jack Honeycutt and Jim Elliott have been part of may changes in the business and the two veteran showmen are part of Wade Shows' backbone.

  • The History of Trains follows John Page and his rail show.

  • Do You Remember Wisdom Industries Astro--Liner? The ride that captured the fantasy of spacetravel and adventure is profiled .

  • Plus regular features: Manufacturer's Showcase puts the spotlight on Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing, Sellner Manufacturing, Cutting Edge Creations, and Chance Rides; Who am I - Industry Movers and Shakers, then and now: Midway Talk; Direct >From the Lots; Classified Ads, and Modeler's Corner.

June 2001

June, 2001

Articles included in the June 2001 issue:

  • The Miami-Dade County (Fla.) celebrated its 50th anniversary with a midway presented by Conklin Shows and featuring rides from a number of other midways including Cumberland Valley Shows.

  • An overview of the history of Conklin Shows demonstrates that it demonstrates a heritage of innovation.

  • Southland Amusements is still going strong at 45 years with Ivene Staunko still at the helm (Conclusion)  

  • Lebanon, Tennessee, is home to the Cumberland Valley Shows, where their facility offers them a place to restore, refurbish and store rides and attractions.

  • The Carnival Museum in Gibtown is now home to a well preserved Royal American Shows' wagon

  • Midway personality offers two for the price of one with independent concessionaires BobWallace and Bill Jackson

  • Bill Hames Shows is 91 years young and under General Manager Alan Cockerham, is meeting the challenges of the business.

  • Chance Industries has filed for Chapter 11 and is in the process of reorganizing in order to remain a profitable company.  They have also signed a letter of intent to merge with D.H.Morgan. a California coaster manufacturer.

  • Razorback Amusements started their spring 2000 season with a date in Benton, Arkansas

  • Midwest Midways and Fantasy Amusements join forces and bring rides and attractions to the south

  • The History of Train Shows (Pt. XIX)  traces the purchase of the Mighty Sheesley Shows by Kortes and Vaught.  A trademark of the Sheesley show was their yellow train.

  • Do You Remember the Schiff Tower Slide and the new version by Wisdom Industries?

  • Manufacturer's Showcase spotlights offerings from Gold Medal Products and from Bertazzon & Bertazzon

  • Plus, standard features including Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Industry Movers &       Shakers, and Modeler's Corner

May 2001

MAY, 2001

Articles included in the May 2001 issue:

  • Already taking on the 2001 season, Ray Cammack Shows provided the fun zone at the San Antonio Livestock and Rodeo Show and the Houston Livestock Show. The show has also introduced two new mega spectaculars: La Grande Wheel and the Euroslide.com.
  • United Shows in conjunction with other ride companies, helped provide the midway at the Florida State Fair
  • Cole Shows hit the road early this year doing an indoor date in Roanoke, Virginia
  • Fairs and carnivals attending the Tennessee fair association meeting were treated to a variety of seminars, workshops and attractions to help make the 2001 season profitable for everyone.
  • "Happy," "Rocky," "Dad," these monikers all fit the subject of Midway Personality: veteran game agent Carl Mayz
  • Tinsley Amusements is looking to upgrade and downsize their operation
  • Part I of the history of Southland Amusements, which is still under the guidance of co-founder Ivene Staunko.
  • Management longevity has been a positive factor for Mighty Thomas Shows.
  • History of Trains, (part XVIII): the story continues with the development and growth of Strates Shows and several other train shows.
  • Do You remember? - King's kiddie supersonic rocket ride takes riders on flights of fantasy
  • Manufacturer's Showcase features three new rides from Sartori, Zamperla, and Barbieri, along with a new commemorative blanket from Sellner in honor of the Tilt-A-Whirl's 75th anniversary, and, in time for the hot summer season, Gold Medal's Sno Konette snow cone machine.
  • In addition, look for other regular features in CAROUSEL: Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Classified ads and Modeler's Corner.

April 2001

APRIL, 2001

Articles included in the April 2001 issue:

  • The IISF Trade Show -- great weather and a good time was had by all. See some of the pieces that were on display at the show.

  • Notables at Trade Show -- a great variety of industry personnel came to buy and sell, meet and greet.

  • Do You Remember -- the Kiddie Bobsled ride

  • Matt Armstrong Shows hosts a Fiesta at a mall in N. Little Rock Arkansas, and brought in some of their new rides.

  • Miller Spectacular Show-- this family-owned show has managed to replace most of its older rides with newer ones and has benefitted from continual growth.

  • Blue Monkey Side Show -- combining old traditions in a newer format, the Blue Monkey Side Show offers tradition with a twist.

  • Moore's Greater Show -- this fourth generation Texas show is experiencing many of the problems felt by the majority of the carnival community: lack of suitable employees and lack of space on carnival lots

  • Michigan Convention -- Meetings, seminars, carnival hospitality rooms, it was business combined with a little pleasure that made for a great start for the year.

March 2001

March, 2001

Articles included in the March 2001 issue:

  • Magic Valley Rides travels across Texas, playing a number of dates
  • The New York State Fair enjoyed a successful run in 2000 and Strates Shows provided the fun zone at this major fair event. (Includes a lot layout and ride listing)
  • The Parabounce was a new attraction at the New York State Fair
  • Newton Shows holds reign over Long Island
  • CAROUSEL contributor spends a summer season with LAM Enterprises
  • Minnesota State Fair has a successful run with its independent midway
  • Windy City Amusements plays one of the top 100 festivals in the country: the Scarecrow Festival
  • The North Carolina/South Carolina Fair Association meeting lines up for the 2001 season
  • The History of Trains targets some of the super spectacular rides of the 1960s and the involvement of the Allen Herschell Company
  • Do You Remember recalls Theel Manufacturing's Beetle
  • Plus regular departments: Midway Talk with a special tribute to the late Hawaiian showman Kane Fernandez; Manufacturer's Showcase; Direct From the Lots; Who am I?; and Modeler's Corner

February 2001


Articles included in the February 2001 issue:

  • An overview of the successful 2000 season for Beaverton, Oregon-based Butler Amusements
  • Midway Personality profiles Blue Grass Shows' veteran showman Nick Viscomi
  • A benefit carnival was held in Gibtown over the holidays to help raise money for the Showmen's Museum.
  • One of the country's largest carnivals, Wade Shows, provided the midway at one of the country's largest state fairs, the Oklahoma State Fair.
  • At the beginning of the season, Wade Shows also provided a midway at the Flagler Dog Track in Florida.
  • The Big A Fair in New York City offered a number of new pieces on the Wade Shows' midway
  • The Upper Peninsula Fair in Michigan also featured a Wade Shows' midway
  • A sweet start to the season in Wisconsin is the Chocolate Festival
  • Pride of Texas puts a lot of stock in and takes a lot of stock from Wisdom Industries
  • Pride of Texas offered a number of rides complementing the midway at the Oklahoma State Fair.
  • Powers Great American Midways' Dick Janas has recently taken up the role of President of the Showmen's League of America
  • The History of Train Shows continues exploring reasons why rail transportation in America became a less feasible means of transport for the carnival industry throughout the middle of the twentieth century.
  • Do You Remember features Chance Rides multi-use Vari-8
  • All this plus Who am I?, Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler's Corner.


January 2001


In the January issue of CAROUSEL, the publication takes on a whole new look !
Articles included in the magazine include:

  • Strong growth with new rides and new dates for Butler Amusements as they end their season at the Big Fresno Fair in California.
  • Coming off a 1999 season that ended with flooding at their winter quarters, Powers Great American Midways has taken on the challenges of the 2000 season and   is ready for the rest of the millennium.
  • The Thebault-Blomsness partnership encompasses Astro Amusements and All-Star Amusements. Come along with Astro Amusements to the Illinois State Fair, an event the show has played since 1992.
  • There is a new Stinson Band Organ on the Astro Amusements' midway.
  • The Amusement Industry Expo brought out the leaders of the outdoor industry and CAROUSEL has them captured in action on the show floor.
  • Whether it is north or south of the border, fun at a carnival is still the same.  Travel to Mexico to enjoy one of the country's state fairs with a midway provided by three different carnivals.
  • Ontario Amusements is a family-owned show in upstate New York that has carved its niche in playing a number of small dates.
  • Wisdom Industries has introduced a new racking system for the Tilt-A-Whirl.
  • The History of Train Shows follows the continued decline of rail transport for the industry and the increase in truck shows.
  • A one-of-a-kind piece, the Boom Box, was a fun house that traded on looking like the music system of its time.
  • CAROUSEL profiles one of its newest contributors: Lori Maynard
  • Plus regular features such as Midway Talk, Manufacturer's Showcase, Who am I?, Direct From the Lots, and Modeler's Corner.