December 2004

In the December 2004 issue:

  • Down Memory Lane takes a look at Georgia-based D&P Amusements, a show that operated from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s.
  • The 2004 North Carolina State Fair was a sea of change. A new midway provider, Reithoffer Shows, had over 100 rides on the midway; and there is a new area being developed for the midway. A list of who provided what, as well as a lot layout, is included with this overview of the fall event.
  • It was the second year for Carnival Tyme Shows to play midway host at the Noble County Community Fair in Kendallville, Indiana. During its relatively short tenure, the show has formed a strong bond with the fair
  • One of the hot topics for the outdoor amusement industry is the merger of three North American carnivals under one umbrella. According to a press release, North American Midway Entertainment will "become one of the premier operators of carnivals and …midways in the United States and Canada."
  • It's all about animals in the Concessions section. Tiger Rattie and Rabbit Snider are two game agents that have been with Wade Shows during the 2004 season.
  • Do You Remember offers reminisces on the King Amusement Company's trailer-mounted Parachute Ride.
  • The History of Train Shows returns with the story of Rubin & Cherry Shows and some surprising bits of information about it.
  • New York-based Fun City Shows and Helm & Sons out of California share the spotlight in Route Snapshots.
  • The annual expanded section of the Modeler's Corner features, among a variety of articles, items that are traditional - Merry-Go-Round, Sky Diver and trains; contemporary- Gravity Storm, Drop Zone and Pharaoh's Fury; and the futuristic - the Crazy Wheel. Get ideas, get inspired, and get motivated to create a different aspect of the outdoor amusement industry.
  • Manufacturer's Corner highlights Wisdom Industries' Silver Streak, a profitable family ride with new theming.
  • Check out the want to sell, want to hire, and want to buy notices in the Classified Ads section
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk and Direct From the Lots

November 2004

In the November 2004 issue:

  • A carnival needs to find its niche in the amusement world. Texas-based Gulf State Amusements, a family owned and operated carnival, is an example of a smaller show that has been around since the early 1980s and has been able to do well in their market.
  • Carnival entrance gates are used to mark the "official" entrance to the midway. A sampling of some of these elaborate structures can be viewed in "Welcome to the Fun Zone."
  • For something a little different, perhaps a turn in the belly of "The Beast" is the type of adventure that is being sought. This unusual attraction is owned by Robert Jones of Caldwell, Texas, and is an eye-catcher on the midway.
  • Planning what industry trade shows to attend? A listing of upcoming industry events is provided
  • Do you remember puts the spotlight on a one-of-a-kind ride, the Anchors Away, that was created and built by Sellner Manufacturing. It can still be found on a midway today.
  • Down Memory Lane follows what Lloyd Serfass called the "World's Largest Motorized Show." In the late 1930s, he created Pennsylvania-based Penn Premier Shows, a show he shepherded through a strong period of growth that also saw the creation of a second carnival, Keystone State Shows, until his untimely death in 1961.
  • Out and About takes a spin on the Crabtree Amusements midway.
  • The outdoor amusement industry shares grief in the passing of David Smith of Allied Insurance, a company that asserts it is strong and will continue to provide coverage to the carnival and amusement world. .
  • Manufacturer's Showcase features Humphrey Products, a company that manufactures concession windows.
  • There is an overview of some of the carnival lawsuits that have been filed recently, which may change the way business with a midway provider may be conducted.
  • Midway Personality profiles Don Stinson, the man who helps create the music that makes the midways an even more fun place to visit.
  • Route Snapshots takes a quick look at Dreamland Amusements and G&S Shows.
  • As the 2004 season winds down, there are still dates to play and money to be made. Check out what is coming up in November in the On the Road section.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner, Classified Ads, and Direct From the Lots

October 2004

Coming in October 2004 -

  • It's finally here!! CARNIVAL magazine's 2004 Industry Buyer's Guide Directory listing hundreds of businesses wanting to provide goods and services to the outdoor amusement industry. All relevant information regarding the company, including addresses, phone and fax numbers, emails and websites, and names of contacts have been included. When looking for anything from insurance to rides to equipment to financing, this is an invaluable industry resource that will be used over and over again throughout the year.
  • Take a stroll Down Memory Lane and view some of the scenes from Royal American Shows, one of the grandest midways ever to set up at fairs and events across North America between 1921 to 1995.
  • Even without bread, it was a jammin' good time at the Orange County (Califorina) Fair. Ray Cammack Shows brought out the big guns including their La Grande Wheel, a Hi Miler Coaster, a Spinning Coaster and a Tango for the record-breaking crowds at the mid-summer event.
  • The Concessions section includes an article on the late Steve Meyer, a stock supplier who provided many a concessionaire with the stuffed animals, canvas, and lead needed in order to make a living on many American midways.
  • Take a turn Out and About on the Rainbow Valley Rides midway. The Wisconsin-based show has invested a lot of money in the last several years, including the purchase of a new Scooter.
  • Looking for a place to drop anchor for a week? Find out which carnivals are going to be where and when in On the Road in October.
  • Route Snapshots takes a peak at Butler Amusements in San Rafael, California; and at Hammerl Amusements set up in New York.
  • Also included are regular features Direct from the Lots, Modeler's Corner and Classified Ads.

September 2004

Coming in the September 2004 issue of CARNIVAL:

  • Miller Spectacular Shows provided the midway at the 2003 Ionia Fair, which was in its second year of charging a gate admission. For many years the event featured a free gate and this has impacted attendance.
  • Down Memory Lane provides several historical photos of California-based West Coast Shows
  • One of units from Farrow Shows fielded the midway at the Zapata County Fair in Texas. Under the direction of Tony Diaz, the unit offered rides, games, concessions and plenty of customer amenities.
  • The Concessions section features a profile of Rob Berk and the Berk Paper Company (a business that is part of Berk Enterprises), an industry supplier offering a variety of paper products and other supplies.
  • Rainbow Valley Rides brought in midway thrills and excitement to the Lincoln County Fair in Merrill, Wisconsin. The show has recently spent over $1 million on new rides.
  • Take a walk Out & About on the Cole Amusement Company midway and see some of the rides and visit with some of the employees.
  • Manufacturers' Showcase offers information on companies providing goods and services to the outdoor amusement industry. This month businesses that are featured include these: R. Humes Enterprises, a company that provides cash handling systems using the Counter Cache system; Gold Medal Products, which is offering a new glass front hot dog steamer and bun warmer; Computerized Accounting Technics (C.A.T.), a company that has developed software programs specifically for the outdoor amusement industry that help facilitate record keeping; and Checkers Industrial Products which manufactures cable and hose protection systems for a safer midway environment.
  • A new section is Route Snapshots that offers a few scenes from contemporary midways. This issue features California-based Desert Star Attractions and from New York, Sofo Amusements.
  • Need to fill a week in September, or see where a favorite carnival is playing? View the extensive September route listings in On The Road
  • It was described as Bigger, Better, and Brighter. Do you remember features the Cycloid, a one-of-a-kind ride from Eli Bridge.
  • Midway Personality has a conversation with veteran showman "Little Richard" Thomas, and "if you don't know 'Little Richard,' you're not in the carnival business."
  • The History of Train Shows follows Strates Shows in the 1940s and the impact of Dr. J.S. Dorton on the North Carolina State Fair.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner, Classified Ads, and Direct From the Lots

August 2004

In the August 2004 issue:

  • Helm & Sons Amusements in California reaped booty as the midway provider at the 89th edition of the National Orange Show Festival in San Bernardino, California. It marked the first time the carnival had played the event, which was themed "A Pirate's Treasure."
  • McDonagh Amusements shook off the winter chill by providing the midway at the annual Indoor Winter Fair inside the Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan.
  • For almost a quarter of a century, Arnold Amusements, under the guidance of Ivan and Agnes Arnold and sons Jon and Tom, has been a family run operation in the business of entertaining families. The carnival, which offers 50 rides and a variety of games and food, splits its route primarily between Michigan and Florida.
  • Cumberland Valley Shows itinerary includes providing thrills and excitement to Hoosiers and to those who live in the Bluegrass State. The carnival sets up the midway at the award winning Porter County Fair in Indiana and at the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.
  • Stroll the midway and visit employees and see the rides on the Drew Exposition midway while Out and About.
  • The Concessions section puts the spotlight on Elaine Wilbanks, a hard working single mom who owns and operates games in the Lonestar State.
  • Do you remember focuses on U.S. Riding Devices Corporation's Boomerang ride. Guaranteed to make riders yell with glee and excitement, the ride was also an owner's dream because it had good rider repeatability and profitability.
  • The History of Train Shows continues with the life of promoter Alvin DeBelle. It also provides information about railroad carnival the James E. Strates Shows in the late 1940s, and their new winter quarters in Deland, Florida, and problems that arose from transporting the show by train.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase puts the spotlight on the Eli Bridge's Retrofit Scrambler that was recently delivered to New Jersey Valley Amusements; a big promotion at Sellner Manufacturing; and the thrilling ride, the Techno Jump, from Italian manufacturer Sartori.
  • No need to have a blank week in August. On the Road in August features dozens of shows that are setting up at fairs, festivals and events throughout the country during the busy, busy month of August.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner, Classified Ads, and Direct From the Lots.

July 2004

Coming in the July 2004 issue of CARNIVAL

  • CARNIVAL magazine's 2004 Carnival Route Listing ** Find out who is where, when, with this comprehensive listing of dozens of carnivals from across North America. The listing contains information on shows through the remainder of the 2004 season.
  • Lights and graphics that enhance the Magic of the Midway can be found on many contemporary concession units. View a sampling of such units, adding their colorful themes to the midway.
  • Michigan-based McDonagh's Amusements has worked hard to breathe new life into a midway classic: the Sky Wheel. The completely refurbished piece has been added to the midway line up on the show.
  • The "Concessions" section includes an article on Charles Watkins, a games concessionaire who is approaching his 25th anniversary in the carnival industry. He has played on a number of shows and expects to continue in the business.
  • A relative newcomer to the carnival scene, Mid America Shows is the result of a partnership between Danny Huston and Jim Wegerly, both former Pugh Shows personnel. Featuring a ride arsenal of more than 45 pieces, Mid America generally operates with two units, covering dates in the Midwest.
  • Blomsness' All Star Amusements has one of the sweetest gigs around with their date at the Burlington, Wisconsin Chocolate Fest, proving once and for all that chocolate is a food group.
  • After trying their hands in several different milieus, Dick and Lisette Shea have settled on the carnival industry and own and operate D&L Amusements, a family run operation based out of Tilton, New Hampshire.
  • "Do you remember" profiles the Allan Herschell Kiddie tank ride. Featuring a camouflage paint job and rat-a-tat machine guns, the ride was designed to have strong appeal to both "junior fighting" men and young ladies.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase puts the spotlight on Zamperla's newest ride entry - the Skater; it also focuses on new concession equipment and supplies from Gold Medal Products.
  • The History of Train Shows continues its coverage of the Hennies Bros. Shows and discusses the tragic fire that almost totally destroyed the James E. Strates Shows carnival. Also, learn about Alvin DeBelle, one of the industry's foremost press agents and publicity directors.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner, Classified Ads, and Direct From the Lots


June 2004

Coming in the June 2004 issue of CARNIVAL :

  • "Down Memory Lane" offers photos and information on Barber Bros. Shows, a carnival that provided the midway to fairs and events in Ohio and Indiana from 1947 to 1970. Catch the unusual and unique fire truck ride.
  • Veteran show owner Ed Gregory, United Shows of America, passed away recently. In an interview conducted just prior to his death, he expressed his strong affection for the carnival business.
  • Rides and people from Deggeller Attractions star in CARNIVAL's Out and About.
  • It was the third time for Wade Shows at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Find out what the carnival featured at this premier Texas event.
  • Motordromes are a classic attraction seldom found on a carnival midway anymore. There is at least one unit out of Canada that has been performing at dates in the United States. The 2004 season will find it under new ownership.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase spotlights Rapsure, Inc., a manufacturer of custom-built concession trailers. In addition, Fabbri Amusements has built a new style of gondola for the Kamikaze.
  • Florida-based Belle City Amusements brought their fun and games to LaPorte, Indiana for the LaPorte County Fair.
  • "Do You Remember" profiles the one-of-a-kind ride Telstar that was the creation of Jerry Barber who later founded Venture Rides.
  • "On the Road in June" lists dozens of shows and the dates they will be playing in the month of June.
  • The "History of Train Shows" continues with a history of the Hennies Bros. Shows, and, in particular, the role played by general agent J.C. McCaffery.
  • In the Concessions section, Dennis Voss is a concessionaire who has worn several hats in his amusement industry career, and currently has donned one as a games concessionaire with a trio of trailer-mounted units.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner, Classified Ads, and Direct From the Lots

May 2004

In the MAY 2004 issue:

  • A special feature in this issue is CARNIVAL's 2004 Carnival Directory. Several hundred of North America's finest carnivals are listed, with information on who to contact, phone, fax and cell phone numbers, website and e-mail addresses. This valuable resource will certainly be used all year long.
  • Ray Cammack Shows provided the midway at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo. This event showcased new pieces on the RCS midway as well as some of the additions presented by a few independent operators.
  • The New York State Showpeoples Association and the New York Fair Association held their annual meeting and kick started off the year with educational seminars, a trade show and well attended social activities.
  • In the "Concession" section, find out how the Dishongs offer a hand-y feature to the fairs and events in which they participate
  • Making a living on the road is no easy task and Recreation By Design is a company that makes living on the road a little easier
  • The spring routes are in full swing and a large number of carnivals have hit the road. Find out if there is a date and location listed that can help fill an open slot.
  • CARNIVAL was Out and About on the Deggeller Attractions lot.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features Midway Talk, Modeler's Corner, Classified Ads, Direct From the lots


April 2004

In the April 2004 issue:

  • Down Memory Lane reviews Century 21 Shows and its innovative showman founder Al Kunz.
  • Arbroo Shows was the new kid on the block at the 2003 Clearfield County Fair in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
  • Direct From the Lots is a snapshot look at some of the people who attended the IISF Trade Show
  • Manufacturer's Showcase features Audio Innovators and the safety repeater messaging systems that many midways are finding to be a valuable asset and tool; and from Italian manufacturer Fabbri Group, there are several new portable rides being introduced this year.
  • The History of Train Shows continues with the Hennies Bros. Shows and profiles attractions such as Sally Rand and the Karns family fat show.
  • Not only was it a state fair, but also a centennial celebration for the Florida State Fair. The 2004 event, which marked the end of a multi-year arrangement the fair had with Ed Gregory to manage the midway, featured five large wheels.
  • Out and About visits the Reithoffer Shows midway.
  • The 113-year old Seaport Village (California) carousel is being forced to go on the auction block. The ride is the handiwork of pioneer carousel artist Charles Looff.
  • Do you remember the Huss Tri Star, a three-arm ride that carried passengers through different simultaneous movement patterns?
  • In Gibsonton, Florida, it seems that mountains have been moved and the Showman's Museum has finally become a reality.
  • It seems changes are afoot for the traditional annual event that draws carnival folk from all over the continent, indeed, from all over the world. The 2004 IISF Trade Show reflected the effects of poor weather in 2003 and the guarded optimism for 2004.
  • In the Concessions section, Waterloo Tent & Tarp works to bring more color, newer design and more durable fabric to the midway, through the use of modern technology.
  • Need a hole to fill or a spot to book, the spring season is underway and On the Road in April can help.
  • Plus regular features Midway Talk, Classified Ads and Modeler's Corner
  • Coming in May, the annual CARNIVAL magazine Directory of Carnivals, a comprehensive resource and reference tool.

March 2004

In the March 2004 issue:

  • There is definitely a patriotic flair to Mid America Shows' midway, with American flags and a red, white and blue theming.
  • The 2003 Minnesota State Fair once again fielded a wide array of rides and games on their independent midway. With over 1.7 million visitors to the event, read how they experienced the thrills and fun that the midway provided them.
  • Down Memory Lane takes a look at an old show name that recently seemed to be experiencing a comeback. Eastern Seaboard Shows was on the road only one season, but left a lasting impression.
  • The meeting for the fair associations for North Carolina and South Carolina brought together some new faces in town and the talk was about the poor effect the weather had on the carnival scene, however, a strong sense of optimism was prevalent.
  • The second and concluding chapter on the O.C. Buck/Buck Page Exposition details the show's transition from rail to truck and its eventual dissolution.
  • CARNIVAL took a walk Out and About to North Carolina-based Michael's Amusements' midway.
  • Do you remember the Allan Herschell 1960 Twister? This improved piece offered more safety features and greater profit potential.
  • Midway Personality profiles Jeff Przybycke, part of the Louisiana -based Jim's Rides, Inc., a company founded and owned by his father, Jim Przybycke.
  • Manufacturer's Showcase preview's Majestic Manufacturing's new flying coaster ride, Catch 'n Air; and for those who provide games on the midway, there's New Jersey-based State Fair Supply.
  • The History of Train Shows concludes its story line on ride manufacturer Eyerly Aircraft Company, and continues with the state of the industry as it headed out of World War II and into the growth period of the 1950s.
  • The IISF Trade Show is not only a great business experience, but also an opportunity for those in the industry to get together to review and preview.
  • The Concessions section presents a history of concession supplier Victor Products.
  • Also, in the Concessions section, games agent Korena Hornberger discusses her past, her present and her future in the business.
  • There is an historic C.W. Parker carousel in Brenham, Texas that once traveled the highways of the country, and now is in need of some financial backing to maintain its operation.
  • Plus regular CARNIVAL features including Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Classified Ads, and Modeler's Corner.


February 2004

In the February 2004 issue:

  • If it's February, it must be TRADE SHOW time! The dates for the IISF Trade Show and Extravaganza in Gibsonton, Florida are February 3-8. Hundreds of companies offering products and services to the outdoor amusement industry will be there. CARNIVAL provides a listing of those exhibitors, complete with space numbers, contact names, addresses and what will be displayed. This listing also makes a great reference tool for after the show.
  • Going Down Memory Lane, visit the O.C. Buck/ Buck-Page Exposition, a show that was the efforts of a master woodcarver who used to create hand carved and painted carousel animals.
  • View some scenes of Floyd Gooding's Gooding Amusement Company, which operated Gooding's Million Dollar Midway, a show that at one time fielded 10 units and covered over 100 state and county fairs and events in 12 states.
  • Attracting over 30,000 visitors from 87 countries, IAAPA Orlando 2003 was a "Masterpiece of Fun." A variety of new rides, games, trailers, foods, and attractions from 1300 exhibitors were on display.
  • The Concessions section profiles Bob and Sharon Lawrence, food concessionaires who have been in the business for 40 years.
  • Reminisce with some old time photos of shows that were set up at different events, bringing to mind the many changes on the American carnival scene that have occurred in only a short period of time.
  • Several carnivals participated in the bidding process for the 2004 New York State Fair.
  • It was a new year and a new deal for one carnival that submitted the highest bid for the North Carolina State Fair.
  • Do you remember features the Hrubetz Fireball. Although only a few were made, one is still in operation on Kenny's Funland Carnival.
  • The Mountain State Fair in North Carolina marked ten years of providing fun and entertainment to the people of Western North Carolina. Drew Expositions brought in the midway, including their newest piece, the Moon Rocket.
  • People and scenes from Blomsness' All Star Amusement Company have their turn in Out and About.
  • The History of Train Shows covers several more pieces from Eyerly Aircraft Company, including the Octopus and the Roll-O-Plane.
  • Also, regular features including Direct From the Lots, Midway Talk, Classified Ads, Modeler's Corner


January 2004

In the January 2004 issue:

  • A walk Down Memory Lane provides a review of Frankie's Amusements/ East Coast Shows. In its prime, this carnival provided the midway for the Eastern States Exposition.
  • For 146 years, the DeKalb County Fair in Alexandria, Tennessee, has been an American tradition. Family Attractions provides the fun zone at this event that has had more than its share of negative circumstances.
  • The country of Mexico is comprised of states, much like the United States, and some of them feature a state fair. What are the differences and the similarities between a state fair south of the border and one north of the border? Expomex is an example of what might be found at a Mexican State Fair.
  • It was like old home week at the 2003 North Carolina State Fair with the return of the James E. Strates Shows to the midway. The carnival made a successful bid to provide the midway after a one-year absence and a lot of state government turmoil.
  • Corky Powers, owner of Powers Great American Midways, remains upbeat regarding the future potential of his growing show. New to the Powers midway in 2003 was a Super Shot drop tower.
  • Do You Remember covers the Allan Herschell Rodeo Ride. This kiddie ride featured saddles on aluminum horses and "bad guys" who would engage riders in mock gun battles.
  • Out and About travels to the county fairs in Concord and Salisbury, North Carolina, to photograph people and equipment on Powers Great American Midways.
  • In the Concessions section, meet the "First lady of the Midway," veteran concessionaire Sissie Boswell
  • Manufacturer's Showcase - From Sellner Manufacturing, a classic American ride has had an extreme makeover and has been updated for the 21st century, the new Tilt-A-Whirl features new cars and an updated color scheme. Also, American Innovations, Inc., a company specializing in developing concepts promoting public safety, has introduced bomb resistant trash containers.
  • The History of Train Shows continues with profiles of several Eyerly Manufacturing pieces, including the Octopus and the Spider.
  • Also included in this issue are regular features Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, Classified ads, and Modeler's Corner.
  • Get out the sunscreen and the checkbooks - it's THAT time of year! In the February issue of CARNIVAL, preview a listing of the exhibitors who will be participating in the annual IISF Trade Show and Extravaganza in Gibsonton