In the June 2006 issue:

  • To celebrate CARNIVAL magazine's 40th year of publication, and in honor of the contemporary amusement industry, a pictorial tribute to the American carnival is presented. Among the carnivals that represent the modern traveling outdoor amusement industry are the following: Butler Amusements; Deggeller Attractions; Belle City Amusements; Campbell Amusements; Cole Shows Amusement Company; Mighty Blue Grass Shows; Rockwell Amusements; Arnold Amusements; Smokey's Greater Shows; Playworld Amusements; Lowery Carnival Company; Powers Great American Midways; Smokey Mountain Amusements; Michael's Amusements; Reithoffer Shows; and Ray Cammack Shows.
  • CARNIVAL magazine's Annual Route Listings is a compilation of fifty carnivals that will be presenting a wide variety of midways across North America during the 2006 season. Contact numbers for the shows, inclusive dates for the remainder of the season, event name and locations are included. Whether looking to fill a week or an entire season, this is THE resource that can meet that need!
  • The Now Booking for 2006 section provides the opportunity to check out the carnivals and concessions that may be available for booking your event
  • Looking to buy, looking to sell, looking to hire, or looking for a job - be sure to check out the Classified Ads.