In the July 2006 issue:

  • Crabtree Amusements provided the midway at the Annual Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in Austin. The event spotlighted the return of several rides to the midway that had undergone extensive refurbishing during the off-season.
  • In the Concessions section, concessionaire Adam McKinney is profiled. The family has been involved in the business since 1927 and two members, Adam and his dad, have served as president of the National Independent Concessionaires Association (NICA).
  • Ray and Joanne Prowant, Durant Amusements, have been a part of the outdoor amusement industry for over 50 years. The couple was honored earlier this year by being inducted into the Ohio Fair Manager's Hall of Fame.
  • Do you remember features Wisdom Industries, which pioneered a one-truck round top Himalaya in the 1990s that gave way to the more familiar square top ride.
  • The Pack Your Bags section provides a list of a number of state and industry-related events, including safety and organization meetings, slated for the next several months.
  • Need a place to book, check the On the Road section, which lists the locations and dates for several dozen carnivals.
  • The History of Train Shows follows Rubin & Cherry Exposition under the guidance of Carl Sedlmayr and Sam Soloman.
  • The Chronicle of Wade Shows covers the use of neon on the show's midway and the relationship with concessionaire Butch Netterfield.
  • Everyone loves a party and the surprise 40h birthday party for Castlerock Shows owner Art Gillette was no exception.
  • The Orange and the Blue Units of Reithoffer Shows celebrated Easter on their respective midways with traditional Easter fare.
  • Route Snapshots takes a look at California-based Brass Ring Amusements - Midway of Fun and Miller Spectacular Shows of Arkansas.
  • The Now Booking for 2006 section provides the opportunity to check out the carnivals and concessions that may be available for booking your event
  • Manufacturer's Showcase puts the spotlight on Ohio's Majestic Manufacturing, the company that produces an array of rides from the classic Bumper Car to the new Catch'n Air.
  • Down Memory Lane offers a series of photos of Don's Amusements, a carnival that called St. Cloud, Minnesota, home.
  • Check out the new Carnival Exchange section that lists carnivals that need route help and have opportunities for concessions
  • Looking to buy, looking to sell, be sure to check out the Classified Ads
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, Life's Flow, and Modeler's Corner