In the December 2006 issue:

  • The cover of CARNIVAL features a scene from Wade Shows in 1946 and Down Memory Lane shows the same picture at night when the midway was ablaze with lights.
  • Drew Exposition fielded the midway at the fair in Hickory, North Carolina, bringing in the show’s new 145’ Mega Drop tower ride. Plans are being implemented to bring some new changes to the midway in 2007.
  • Deggeller Attractions, which began their season in Florida and at their “hometown fair” in Stuart, Florida, had a number of obstacles to overcome just getting out of the starting gate.
  • It was time to Rev Up the Fun on the Butler Amusements’ midway at the Southern California Fair.
  • Do you remember the Majestic Manufacturing’s Quadzilla? The family ride took passengers on a trek to find the “Treasure of Quadzilla.”
  • Powers Great American Midways has signed a contract to provide the midway for a second year at the North Carolina State Fair.
  • North American Midways Entertainment (N.A.M.E.) brought several new rides to their midways; offered their “Marriage on the Midway” promotion for a second year; and worked to bring wireless mesh technology to fairgrounds.
  • Safety programs have been scheduled for the IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton, Florida, in February.
  • Tropical Amusements and Shaw and Sons were two of the carnivals bringing midway fun and thrills to Western Pennsylvania.
  • In the ongoing series History of Train Shows, Noble Fairly, Max Goodman, and Dave Stock were all involved with the traveling outdoor amusement industry and had roles in several of the train shows that brought midways to the nation during the 1930s and ‘40s.
  • Manufacturers Showcase highlights Ital International’s online newsletter, and the offerings of skill game supplier Red Bone Products.
  • The Pack Your Bags section provides a list of a number of state and industry-related events, including safety and organization meetings, slated for the next several months.
  • The Now Booking for 2007 section provides the opportunity to check out the carnivals and concessions that may be available for booking your event
  • Check out the new Carnival Exchange section that lists carnivals that need route help and have booking opportunities for rides and concessions
  • Looking to buy, looking to sell, be sure to check out the Classified Ads
  • Also included in this issue are regular features: Midway Talk, Direct From the Lots, Modeler’s Corner, and Life's Flow.