On the cover: Reithoffer Orange Unit Yo Yo at the Lexington, N.C. Davidson County Fair. Photo by Brandon Devault


  • Records Broken at IAAPA Orlando
  • ‘Strong Season’ Reported for Powers & Thomas Midway Entertainment
  • Stage Show Pioneer John M. Sheesley
  • Promotions, Better Weather Boost Reithoffer at Lexington
  • Texas Festival Dates Good for Wade and Crabtree
  • Carnival Artist - Dennis Kline
  • San Antonio IAFE Convention Highlights
  • Motion Machines’ Leap-n-Land
  • Ron Burback’s Funtastic Traveling Shows
  • That’s The Way I Remember It...

Plus – Last Call, Headlines of Yesteryear, Blasts from the Past, CARNIVAL Now Booking, and CARNIVAL Classifieds