November 2018

Mark Fanelli’s Hyper Loop at the Big E in W. Springfield, Mass. The ride, also known as the Loop Fighter, was built by Technical Park of Italy. Photo credit: Ron Gustafson


  • Drew Debuts Space Wheels At The North Georgia State Fair
  • Attendance Soars At The Big E
  • Hurricanes Florence and Michael Reign Havoc
  • Gold Medal Participating In A Collaborative Learning Program
  • Crazy Cabs
  • That’s The Way I Remember It...
  • Portable Frisbee Debuts In The U.S.A.
  • Talley Amusements Awarded Four Year Contract
  • IAAPA Trade Show Directory
  • Crazy Mouse Spinning Coaster Tops Rides at Minnesota State Fair
  • NAME Joins the Celebration at the 150th Wisconsin Valley Fair
  • Main Event Amusements Restructures Route
  • Mechanical Music On The Midway
  • Portable Dark Rides

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