. Tim Casper of PBJ Happee Days Shows of Marion, Arkansas spent $100,000 on LED lighting for their Fabbri 20 millimeter, Giant Gondola Wheel and the resulting light show has caused the revenue from the ride to go up dramatically. The LED lighting package was purchased through Len Soled of Rides-4-U. The show also has purchased a Tilt-A-Whirl that will be refurbished this coming winter. A new date for the show is the Batesville County Fair in Batesville, Arkansas. The show also bought the fair route of Steve Davidson of Davidson Amusement Devices and will be adding a new unit to play these additional dates. This is their third year of using the JKJ Workforce and the Caspers are very pleased with the quality of the employees. For 2010 they will be adding the KMG Inversion to their ride lineup. KMG will be showing the Inversion at the 2010 IISF Trade Show.

. Playworld Amusements of Alma, Michigan, owned by Jeff and Joyce Brady, have added for the 2009 season a Majestic Wiggle Worm, a Dartron Quad Runner, a Wisdom Sizzler, a Wisdom Cobra Coaster, a Gullwing generator, seven Peterbilt tractors and a used Tilt-A-Whirl from UsedRides that will be refurbished in winter quarters. Jeff and his brother Scott Bradd have purchased a new Fabbri Vortex. Scott also purchased a new Hitch-Hiker chicken on a stick food trailer

. On Thursday, September 24, the State Fair of Virginia will open the fair’s new home at The Meadow Event Park, a 360-acre property 25 miles north of Richmond and 30 miles south of Fredericksburg in Doswell, VA. The beautiful, rural setting has open grassy fields and views of rolling hills and forests.

. North American Midway Entertainment has signed a five-year agreement to provide the midway at the Manitoba Summer Fair. N.A.M.E. and the former company, Conklin Shows have now been the midway providers at this great Canadian Exhibition in Brandon, Manitoba for 29 consecutive years.