Century 21 Shows owned by Kevin Exum of Cedar Park, Texas had a major wind, rain and hail storm while playing the Live Oak County Fair in Texas.  The show suffered over $150,000 in damages, including $30,000 worth of light bulbs and one of their fun houses blew over onto its side.  Kevin said that this season has been hit hard with heavy rain, the bad economy and the swine flu.  Local media have been encouraging people to stay at home in order to avoid the flu, causing the cancellation of several events.  The winter quarters was a busy scene with the refurbishing of the Wipe Out, Scrambler, Star Trooper, etc.  Century 21 is carrying 50 rides for the 2009 season.

Russ Kissel of Kissel Entertainment of Clayton, Alabama reported to Carnival that he was looking for good weather for a change since the past few weeks have been very rainy.  The show has signed the Trimbe County Fair in Kentucky for the 2009 season.  The Astro Wheel was refurbished at the winter quarters and is Kissel’s signature piece.  The show currently has 30 rides and sometimes works in two units

Lowery Amusements managed by Tony Lowery of Gulf Shores, Alabama said that they were looking forward to playing the Louisiana State Fair for the fourth year, Oct 22 through Nov 8.  The midway consists of 60 rides and will be supplemented by Pat Crabtree of Crabtree Amusements.  Refurbished at the winter quarters were the Tea Cups and Top Kick (built by KT Enterprises).  The show normally carries 40 rides.

The state of Massachusetts is proposing to require a permit for all carnivals and circuses that house workers in trailers.  Trailer units must have exits on both sides of the trailer, a small fire extinguisher and hand rails along the steps.

The State Fair of Virginia has settled a lawsuit filed against for-profit carnival event producer Universal Fairs, Inc., and its related companies Fair Nation, Inc. and Expo South over unfair competition through misleading statements to Fair vendors as well as infringement on the State Fair of Virginia’s trademark.  In the settlement, Tennessee-based Universal Fairs must drop the term ‘State’ from the name for their event.  In addition, Universal Fairs must change the font of their event and not use a Ferris Wheel in direct connection with the event name.  Universal Fairs must place the statement “Not affiliated with the State Fair of Virginia, Inc.” in a font or typeface size reasonably legible to the unaided eye on any promotion, advertisement, poster, guide for the event or any other written or printed materials promoting the event and the internet websites promoting the event.