Powers Great American Midways has prepared for the 2010 season with a number of renovations and additions.  Their Mulligan Gondola Wheel has received a ground up restoration with hydraulic tub lifts, a new 40,000 LED bulb light show with stainless steel trim and new bally cloth scheme.  They have also refurbished their Wave Swinger with a new LED light show.  Other refurbished rides include: the Zipper, Pharaoh's Fury, Cliff Hanger, Jalopy Junction, Wacky Worm, Uncle Al, and Cuchoo Haus Fun House.  PGAM also refurbished all generator trailers. 

Four recently purchased Hitch-Hiker food trailers will be a part of the PGAM midway this year.  This includes a Hitch-Hiker Ice Cream trailer as well as pizza, dough/funnel cake, and chicken trailers.  There will also be six new, 25-foot tall Semcor Hydraulic Light Towers with LED running lights, eight Waymatic ticket boxes refurbished by Denny's Electronics with voice repeaters and 60''x18'' digital LED reader board displays, and a new 53-foot semi PGAM School Facility.

PGAM has also totally remodeled the interior and exterior of their winter quarter’s office complex, landscaping, and parking lot.