Rockhouse Partners will run the 2010 Tennessee State Fair with the midway provided by NAME.  According to an article by Nate Rau of the Tennessean, three companies had submitted proposals to run the 2010 Tennesse State Fair.  Rau reported that, "Mayor Karl Dean wants to redevelop the 117-acre site, meaning this year's fair will probably be the last one at the Wedgewood Avenue location."  This is the Fair's 104th year.



Veronica Helgeland, marketing manager for the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival reports that this year's event set records.  In The Desert Sun, Veronica says 310,394 people came through the gates.  The number is an all-time record for the festival.  The Fair was played by Butler Amusements.  Read more about this event and Butler Amusements in this month’s feature article, Butler Amusements Plays the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival.


Lauther Amusements of Gibsonton, FL will team up with Reithoffer Shows again for much of 2010.  Lauther traveled with Reithoffer to a number of events in 2009 including the Minnesota State Fair, West Virginia State Fair, and New Jersey State Fair.  The played the National Peanut Festival in Alabama for the first time in 2009 and will be returning this year.  Mike Lauther of Lauther Amusements says their most popular rides are the Jungle of Fun Funhouse, Haunted Mansion, and Tivoli Orbiter.


Congratulations to Gary Goodman, General Manager of the South Carolina State Fair.  Gary was recently inducted into the IAFE Hall of Fame.


Skinners Amusements celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2010.  New rides on their midway this year include, a Tivoli Remix and Zamperla Lolli Swing.  They have also added “Watergame” and “Skeeball” to their games.  Skinners Amusements is based in Illinois and plays events exclusively in that state.


Hammerl Amusements of Willimasville, New York has purchased a Super Roundup from Henry T. Cole Amusements.  Hammerl also purchased a Dizzy Dragon from Rides-4-U and two San Antonio kiddie rides from Martin Di Pietro.


Janice Jessop Burton of Burton Bros. Amusements was named Associate of the Year at 2010’s Indiana Fair Convention.  Burton Bros. is a fifth generation company with over thirty rides.  They are based in Shirley, Indiana.


There is new progress on the Showmen’s Museum in Gibsonton, Florida.  According to Jim Frederiksen of Frederiksen Industries, contracts are secured for work on the museum.  Frederiksen is among the loyal supporters of the museum.  The official opening of the museum is slated to coincide with the 2011 IISF Trade Show in Gibsonton.


Charles Panacek of Belle City Amusements informed Carnival Magazine that they have purchased a Zamperla Lolli Swing to be delivered in June.


Deggeller Attractions has purchased a Fujume Helicopter ride, Wisdom Viper, and Zamperla Banana Kiddie Ride in time for the 2010 season.  Deggeller also bought a Wildcat Coaster from E.K. Fernandez Shows based in Hawaii.  Along with these purchases Deggeller prepared for 2010 with a new LED lighting system on their Scrambler, Tornado, ticket boxes, and guest relations booths. 


Ray Cammack Shows played a strong Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, March 2 – 21.  The 78th annual event shattered attendance records with 2,144,077 visitors.  The previous general attendance record was set in 2009 with 1,890,332 visitors.  The midway boasted 66 rides this year.  A feature article on Ray Cammack Shows and the 2010 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will appear in this June’s Carnival Magazine.


North American Midway Entertainment reports that their international unit signed a new five-year midway contract with Westerner Days Fair and Exposition in Red Deer, Alberta.  Westerner Days is central Alberta’s largest summer celebration.