3.9.10 Jules & Beck Team Up with Matt McDonagh

Jules & Beck Combined Shows has joined forces with Matt McDonagh's Big Rock Amusements.  McDonagh is the show's new manager and has brought his own rides into the midway including a Yo-Yo and Bumper Cars.  New rides are also on their way for Jules & Beck.

For the carnival's largest events, Jules & Beck brings along their additional unit, Gold Medal Shows.  New dates for 2010 include the Rockdale County Fair in Georgia and the Ottawa County Fair in Holland, Michigan.

Sherwood Amusements Ready for 2010

Sherwood Amusements is gearing up for the 2010 fair season.  They have booked new fairs in Virginia and purchased a couple new rides. 

Tennessee State Fair News

From Nate Rau of the Tennessean, three companies are submitting proposals to run the 2010 Tennesse State Fair.  Rau reports that "Mayor Karl Dean wants to redevelop the 117-acre site, meaning this year's fair will probably be the last one at the Wedgewood Avenue location."  This is the Fair's 104th year.

3.9.10 Powers Great American Midways in 2010

Powers Great American Midways has prepared for the 2010 season with a number of renovations and additions.  Their Mulligan Gondola Wheel has received a ground up restoration with hydraulic tub lifts, a new 40,000 LED bulb light show with stainless steel trim and new bally cloth scheme.  They have also refurbished their Wave Swinger with a new LED light show.  Other refurbished rides include: the Zipper, Pharaoh's Fury, Cliff Hanger, Jalopy Junction, Wacky Worm, Uncle Al, and Cuchoo Haus Fun House.  PGAM also refurbished all generator trailers. 

Four recently purchased Hitch-Hiker food trailers will be a part of the PGAM midway this year.  This includes a Hitch-Hiker Ice Cream trailer as well as pizza, dough/funnel cake, and chicken trailers.  There will also be six new, 25-foot tall Semcor Hydraulic Light Towers with LED running lights, eight Waymatic ticket boxes refurbished by Denny's Electronics with voice repeaters and 60''x18'' digital LED reader board displays, and a new 53-foot semi PGAM School Facility.

PGAM has also totally remodeled the interior and exterior of their winter quarter’s office complex, landscaping, and parking lot.


Record Breaking Fair in California

Veronica Helgeland, marketing manager for the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival reports that this year's event set records.  In The Desert Sun, Veronica says 310,394 people came through the gates.  The number is an all-time record for the festival.  The Fair was played by Butler Amusements.  An in-depth article on Butler Amusements and the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival will be in May's issue of Carnival Magazine.