Midway Talk


Ed Inners of Inners Shows reported to Carnival Magazine that the show has purchased an antique Allan Herschell car ride.  The ride will be restored to its original look with modern mechanical features “under the hood.”  During this year’s winter quarters the show will also work on their Hustler and Sidewinder.  In the upcoming season Inners Shows will travel in one main unit rather than two units.  They have recently signed a new event, the Moore County Fair in North Carolina.   After the dates of the Surry County Fair in North Carolina were moved up in 2012, event organizers and Inners Shows decided to remain at the new date on the calendar for 2013.  In other news from the show, a new website address and design is up and running.  It can be found at www.innersshows.org.  Inners Shows will take delivery of a new Wadkins Expo Wheel in 2013.  “It is going to be a beautiful showpiece,” says Ed.

Drew Expositions has purchased a new Fajume Wacky Worm Coaster set for delivery in mid-February.  The ride will have a unique green and yellow alternating track color.  During this year’s winter quarters the show will sandblast and install new lighting on their Sizzler and Kite Flyer.  They will also add LED lighting to their Enterprise and 720 (Fabbri Kamikaze).  Show owner Jimmy Drew reports that spending was strong along the midway in 2012.  The show fortunately was not confronted with many weather issues, either heat or rain related, throughout the season.  Jimmy was extremely happy with the KMG X-Factory, which was a new addition to the midway in 2012.

Playworld Amusements new Zamperla Air Raid is set for its second midway stop, this time on the independent midway of the 2013 Florida State Fair.  The ride was delivered to Playworld at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.  Show owner Jeff Brady reports that 2012 was up compared to 2011 with better weather and attendance throughout the season compared to the previous year.  In addition to the late 2012 ride purchase, the show has also updated trucks and electrical boxes.  Among the rides receiving attention during winter quarters will be the show’s Zero Gravity and Fire Chief.  Last year marked the first season for the show’s Tivoli Remix.  Jeff notes that the ride was built well and did great on the midway.

Matt McDonagh, owner of Big Rock Amusements, reports that 2012 was a phenomenal year for the show.  The transition went smoothly after purchasing the route of McDonagh Amusements prior to the season and season’s gross has doubled for the show since their inaugural year three seasons ago.  Equipment added in 2012 included a Wisdom Himalaya, a Recreation By Design bunkhouse, and a passenger van to transport staff.  The show also purchased a Larson Ring of Fire, a new office trailer, shaded umbrella tops for the midway, and aluminum benches.  Just recently the show purchased an LED light package from Denny’s Electronics for their Gondola Wheel.  Coming for 2013 is a new Freak Out style ride from Europe.  During winter quarters the show will work on their Dragon Wagon, Gondola Wheel, and possibly the Gravitron.  A multiyear contract has been resigned with the Armada Fair in Armada, Michigan and a new contract has been signed for 2013 with the Lenawee County Fair in Adrian, Michigan.

Midway gross was up 1% at the 2012 State Fair of Louisiana where attendance reached 431,000.  Crabtree Amusements provided the midway at the 2012 edition.  The 2013 State Fair of Louisiana will run from October 24 through November 11 with Mondays and Tuesdays closed.

Reithoffer Shows has purchased a new ARM Vertigo.  They are also reviewing a ride for purchase, this one from Europe.  The show is currently working on a number of rides in winter quarters and have repainted four pieces so far.  See next month’s issue for a feature article on Reithoffer Shows, reviewing their 2012 season and looking ahead to 2013.

Kaliff Insurance, based in San Antonio, Texas, has announced their recently established, expanded relationship with Lloyd’s of London, which includes insurance coverage for amusement rides for the carnival industry.  The new agreement is built upon an existing relationship between the two companies.  Mitchell Kaliff is the President of Kaliff Insurance.

In a recent press release, The National Ticket Company Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Keith Bax as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  Keith joins National Ticket Company after a successful six year stint as Vice President of Marketing for Research Data, Inc., and Conquest Graphics.  He brings a wealth of marketing, business analysis, and complex solutions development to his new role at National Ticket.

Rick Pickering has been announced as the new General Manager for the California State Fair (Cal Expo) beginning in 2013.  Rick is filling the position after Norb Bartosik retired in 2012.  Rick has been the Alameda County Fair Chief Executive Officer for almost 14 years prior to taking his new position.